Candle Burning Tips

These are very important burning instructions, promoting safe candle burning.


The candle wick must be trimmed prior to lighting this candle, and kept trimmed at all times to 1/4".If the flame is too large and the wick too long, this candle may emit smoke. Constant supervision and infrequent wick trimming may be required during the burning process to monitor and avoid the potential smoking. Any exposure to drafts, even slight, may cause a candle to drip or smoke.

Candles are a fire hazard. Please use with EXTREME CAUTION and respect the danger. NEVER allow children or animals access to burning candles. NEVER burn any candles on or near any surface that could catch fire.

Each time a standard pillar candle is burned, allow the pool of liquid wax to reach the outside edges of the pillar before extinguishing the flame. Depending on the diameter of the candle, this may take several hours.

All wicks used in our candle production are entirely lead free.


Tealites are used everyday by millions of people BUT MUST BE USED WITH CARE. For your safety use in NONFLAMMABLE, WELL-VENTILATED HOLDERS like ceramic, glass or metal. TEALITES may flare if used in capped potpourri burners without good ventilation. Always burn a tealite in a tealite holder or place on a dish or other protective surface as the bottom of the tealite will become very hot and may damage the surface it is on. When tealite is lit, do not shake or move and avoid drafts. Do not drop foreign objects such as matches into tealites. IN CASE OF FLARE SMOTHER FLAMES WITH WET CLOTH. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. NEVER BURN A TEALITE CANDLE FOR MORE THAN 2 HOURS AT A TIME. Burning for a longer period could lead to overheating of the metal cup. When the wax level is down to the last 1/8th inch of solid or liquid wax in the metal cup, extinguish the flame and cool the container. METAL & PLASTIC CONTAINERS ARE REUSABLE.

Votive candles should always be burned in a container. To avoid overheating and possible cracking of the votive glass, it is important to pour about ½ teaspoon of water into the container before inserting the candle.

All candles must be placed in a receptacle i.e. plate, dish, holder. Always extinguish candles when they have burned to within 2" of the holder .

When burning small votive candles, ¼ to ½ teaspoon of water placed in the container prior to first burning, should absorb the heat and allow you to safely burn the entire votive, without cracking the glass. The glass holder should be only slightly larger than the votive candle, for most effective burning.

When burning wax that has been poured into glass or ceramic containers, extinguish it when there is only about ½ inch of wax left in the container. Many of these containers may be refilled if returned to our shop.

Never leave any debris such as matches or pieces of trimmed wick, on top of the candle or in the liquid pool of wax. These bits could act as another wick and cause severe dripping or flare-ups.

Floating candles should be placed in a bowl with enough water to free float. They are not meant to burn without water. Gel crystals may be used as an alternative to water alone.

Fire starters are designed for use in fireplaces, woodstoves and outdoor fires. Never attempt to burn alone as a candle.